Saturday, 14 April 2012

#767 - #769 of Year 3 MotUC custom Gray (He-Ro / He-Man and BG Evil-Lyn)

I like making custom MotUC figures.  In fact, this is the only Action Figure line that I have that I've dared make any custom figures!  Gray was revealed on the back of Eldor's card and my Facebook friend Chris Sunday made a custom of him and posted it on Facebook to the point where I was so excited about the character.

It took me ages to collect the four figures required for the custom.  I already had a spare Prince Adam vest, so, all I needed was a He-Ro head, He-Man's body and Lyn's cape!

Assembling him was a breeze, but he seems a bit weird with that cape.  A bit of paints though, and the custom black sword from Plastique Realm and here's the alter-ego to He-Ro, Gray.  I had to darken his face to match the body and that wasn't too difficult actually, thanks to my Gundam marker.  I actually had to take scissors to Lyn's cape to form the necklace, but I think the result there is great.

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