Monday, 16 April 2012

#775 of Year 3 MotUC Shadow Weaver

Filmation was the animation company that produced the cartoon series in the 80s.  They also created a whole host of characters, and because of that retains the rights to those characters, so those characters were off-limits for Mattel... until this year and Mattel decided to celebrate the fact by giving us a character never before seen in toy-form: Shadow Weaver.

Shadow Weaver comes on the usual packaging, and has the Horde sticker on the front.  No prizes for guessing which faction she belongs to!

The image used on her bio seems to be from the Filmation cartoon as well.  That's not a good image of Shadow Weaver, but I guess it does it job well enough.

Shadow Weaver comes with a transparent stand, a wand and a book.  The stand is made from clear plastic to give her that floating effect.  The wand seems a bit odd, but I'm going to guess it's based on something from the Filmation cartoon.  The book is nicely textured and sculpted/painted, but she can't hold it too well.

The figure seems to be a single piece of plastic from the waist down, which is a pity.  She's a lot greater above the waist though (and I'm not just talking about her boobs) where the new arm pieces and the bendy cloak gives her lots of posability.  At the end of the day she does add quite a bit to the Evil Horde and takes it one step closer to completion.


  1. Great looking figure! Very cool.

  2. Thanks jboy. She's also the exclusive, and the lowest run figure of the year...


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