Thursday, 19 April 2012

#778 - #779 of Year 3 MotUC Snout Spout and Snout Spout

It's still MotU April... and so far it's more MotUC than anything else.  I have two vintage Snout Spouts... and I thought it'll be a good nod to my vintage collection to have two Classics Snout Spouts as well!

There's nothing special about Snout Spout's packaging.  I almost expected to see She-Ra on the back of his card since he showed up in the the Princess of Power Filmation cartoon, but no dice there.

The elephant man comes with his axe, a weird pincher thing and a backpack.  The axe harkens back to his vintage figure, and the backpack is a mixture of his vintage backpack and the Staction.  There is a button on this backpack as well, although it does not squirt water anymore, unlike the vintage figure.  The pincher thing is a bit weird though - is it a huge pairs of scissors?  Why would Snout Spout use it for?  I have no idea.  But it does have quite a bit of detail and two points of articulation.

The figure himself looks good from the elephant head with the rubbery nose to the boots with the tops folded down.  The paintwork was splotchy on one of my figures, but was perfect on the other one.  The sculpt does bring out the muscular man with a elephant head idea.

A quick glance at the comparitive pictures will see that this figure is based mostly on the vintage figure, although the boots and gloves are more exaggerated.  and the armour is removable.  The only influences it has from the staction are bits on the backpack.  This figure doesn't even come with the spanner accessory that the staction has.

The other good thing about this figure and MotUC in general?  The heads are removable and the figure can easily be customised into a generic human firefighter (or Snout Spout without his elephant mask, if that's one's canon).  I like the figure immensely.

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