Sunday, 15 April 2012

#773 - #774 of Year 3 MotUC Fearless Photog (and Stratos)

Back in the 80s, Mattel ran a competition for little kids to design a character.  The prize was scholarship money and a physical figure for the winner.  Well, they gave out the money to the winner, but not the toy... until this year, the 30th anniversary of the line.  It's Fearless Photog time!

There's nothings special about the packaging, besides the 30th anniversary logo on the back.  The image on the shield seems vintage, but of course, there wasn't such a thing back then... or was there?

The figure comes with his lens shield, and a camera gun.  Hmmm... notice the theme there?

The figure isn't too bad; there's a customised torso with the lenticular man running theme and the new belt with old-school film reels (of which there are some paint splotches on my copy)...

and of course, the camera head.  It looks weird, but it does have an action feature hidden in it - the lens can be extended by sliding a button at the back of the camera head.  That sounds cool right?  Sadly, as it is made from clear plastic (like Roboto and the Green Goddess), it has a tendency to crack.  Ack!

The oddball clashing yellow/blue colours make the figure fit right in with the rest of the MotUC figures, and if one gets tired of that camera head, well, it can be swapped off!  This figure seems to capture the essence of the MotU universe.  Now if one could just ignore the bio...

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