Monday, 23 April 2012

#784 - #785 of Year 3 MotUC Kobra Khan and Kobra Khan

It's almost the end of April, or MotUC month here on Toy a Day.  But that doesn't mean the end of the MotUC fun!

Kobra Khan comes on the normal MotUC card... and he does not have a Snakemen sticker on his bubble.  King Hsss does appear on the cardback in the cross sell section, but other than that, Kobra Khan seems to be a normal Evil Warrior.

Khan comes with his gun, Fang (aka Pixel) and an alternate head with the cobra hood extended.  Unlike the vintage figure, the gun is not a repaint of the Zodac gun, but it's a new sculpt completely.  That's a surprise.

Fang is just a solid piece of plastic that sits well on Khan's shoulders.  However, because he's not attached there, he falls off when Khan is moved.  The sculpt on Fang is amazing

The two head allows Khan to be displayed two ways.  Unfortunately, both versions have his mouth open.  Fang doesn't sit well on his shoulders with the extended hood head though.

The rest of the figure is almost pure reuse from the other figures.  I think the shin pieces, groin and the torso pieces are new tools, but otherwise, he resembles most of the other figures, which is good, because it means that he fits in well with therest of the line.

A quick comparison shows that the Classics figure is mostly based on the vintage, with the mouth in a more natural position.  The hooded head looks miles better than the millennium figure, although the gun from that figure is sorely missing.  Overall, here's another figure that can be displayed in two different ways... and belongs two different factions.  Despite him being mediocre, he's actually a cool figure thanks to Fang and the extra head.

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