Tuesday, 24 April 2012

#786 of Year 3 MotUC Bubble Power She-Ra

So Mattel was gonna make a Swift Wind.  And the saddle is designed in such a way that She-Ra couldn't sit on it.  What do they do?  Do they redesign Swift Wind?  Nope, they just redesigned She-Ra and made her a variant that's not included in the subscription.  She has to be different somehow, so let's grab the next She-Ra variant - Bubble Power She-Ra!

BP She-Ra comes on the standard MotUC card, with the Princess of Power sticker on the bubble, of course.  The back of it shows the Horde members and the other Rebellion figures, not that there's many of the latter.

She comes with a ton of accessories.  Her sword and shield with a pink gem instead of the blue that came with the first She-Ra.  Her axe-comb.  A new tiara.  And the bubble power accessory.  The accessories are interesting.  I like how Mattel gave us pink jewels in the shield and sword to differientiate them from the ones that came with the first She-Ra.  I also like the new tiara as it's form fit instead of pegged - however, that means that it can't be worn upside down.

The figure looks like a She-Ra with an extra piece of armour and a gold cape and a differently coloured tiara.  However, she's a bit more than that as she now has a twist waist and there are slits going up her skirt that allows her to sit.  She still looks like She-Ra though, and may have her parts to swapped out so that she resembles the normal She-Ra.  She's a good addition to the line, but somehow, seems be be an overkill on Adora/She-Ra figures that we have so far when the only other Rebellion member is Bow.

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