Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#764 - #766 of Year 3 Lego 8683 Minifigures Spaceman, Forestman and Ninja

Since this is turning out more or less to be Lego Minifigures week (ish), I might as well get these Series 1 minifigs out of the way!  This dude got a whole box of them from Switzerland or someplace like that and is selling them for a profit and I decided why not?  I picked the three that I wanted...

That's the bags.  That's the bags that started it all.  There are 1216 (Thanks for the correction, Nick) figures in the series as usual.

I want the Ninja, the Spaceman and the Forestman...

There's the ninja.  He comes with two swords and he's basically the figure from the Ninja's subtheme.  Nothing special there.

Yay Spaceman with the Classic Space logo.  He's got a lot more detail and the helmet is the Aliens invasion helmet, but yay, Classic Space logo!

Mr. Hood, I presume?  This one is missing his bow and his quiver though.  I've got to get another one then.

Here's all three of them, and there's one of the Classic figures from 1978 and the Minifigures from 2010.  Look how far we've come!


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