Friday, 27 April 2012

#792 of Year 3 MotUC Draego-Man

Wow, we are getting the second of our 30th anniversary figures already?  And there's only 6 of these guys.  Well, this one is the creation of the Four Horsemen, the creative genius behind the MotUC line.

There's nothing special about the packaging, with the exception that this figure has a starburst saying that it's designed by the Four Horsemen.  I lik ehow the figure fills up the bubble.  He's huge.

And he comes disassembled.  The wings and the tail snap into the armour on his back, and he does have a flame sword.  The body is mainly parts reuse, and his shoulders, which are based on King Hsss are orientated correctly here (I checked).  The tail resembles Whiplash, but the connector piece is somehow different.  The headsculpt is new, and it reminds me of those monsterous 4HM figures which they were selling at SDCC last year.  It's good and has a lot of detail, yet it doesn't scream MotU to me.  The wings are the best part of the figure - highly detailed and textured and the paintwork is excellent.

I think I like the figure better in the pictures.  In the flesh (or plastic) though, he's just this huge hulk of plastic with wings that seems to be a MotUC knock-off... or maybe that's because I've been working too much on the Fuerza-T figures?  To me he fits in less to the MotUniverse than Photog, but that's just my personal opinion.


  1. Is this another fan designed figure like Photog? I've never heard of this character before.

  2. Yeah, it's like a fan-designed... or rather a creator-designed character. The creator in this case are the four horsemen, who normally sculpts the MotUC figures.

  3. Hey there! Nice Blog!

    If you´re thinking in letting your Drageo-man go, i have a place for him, he´d be more than welcome.

    Take care and good luck!

  4. Heh, sorry, but I'm keeping this Draego-man.


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