Sunday, 22 April 2012

#783 of Year 3 MotUC Clawful and Kevin Kosse custom heads.

There's quite a lot of third party items out there for MotUC, and recently, I came across one that does custom heads.

Kevin Kosse is his name and he makes MotUC custom heads.  I ordered MYP clawful, the Caligar chief and a custom Caligar Cosmic Enforcer head.  The heads look great, but how do they fare on the bodies?

I had a spare Clawful, so I had to bust him out of his packaging and swap out the head.  Hmm... the head does make the figure even more MYP cartoon-like, but there is still something missing.  Oh, it's the undersized shell on his back.  Now, I wonder if there's anyone who'd custom make that!

The head does seem a lot meaner and less mexican wrestler mask.  The colours doesn't exactly match though, and the hole on the head to attach to the neck peg is way too big, resulting in a bobble-head.  OK, so it's not perfect.

I don't have a spare Whiplash, so I have to use my existing Whiplash for this picture.  Again, the colour on the head doesn't match that on the body, and it does bobble-quite a bit because the hole to fit the neck peg is too big (where have I said that before?).  He's not perfect either, and I think I'll have to customise the body  to eventually get him looking like Ceratus, the Caligar King correctly.

Swap out the Whiplash head, add the spare Zodak armour and staff and we get this weird Cosmic Enforcer.  Yes, the green on the face doesn't really match the body, but in this case, thanks to the helmet, it's not so obvious.  The head is also a bit bobbly, but less so than the previous two thanks to the neck hole being smaller.  And overall, I think this is the best looking of the three heads that I've purchased.

*sigh*  Now I need to find two Whiplash to customise!

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