Saturday, 21 April 2012

#782 of Year 3 MotUC custom Titano (Man-at-Arms)

Well, the good thing about Fisto is that there's an extra head.  Add that to his brother's body and we'll more or less have the figure Titano from Fuerza-T!

But wait, doesn't Titano have flesh arms?  Yes he does.  But since I don't have a spare Fisto body, I'll have to use Duncan's.

Assembling him wasn't too difficult a chore, but getting the flesh on his arms to match Fisto's original flesh shad was a chore, so I just painted over Fisto's head.  The vintage Titano had a non-MotU shield.  Since this is Fuerza-T Classics, I had to reuse a shield from someone in the line.  I have had lots of spare He-Mans (and multiple Goddess), so one of them wouldn't mind losing a shield to Titano.

I like the end result.  He looks very different from Man-At-Arms with his armour all painted silver.  He also seems to fit in suspiciously well with Tekno.  So that's 2 of the good guys down.  All I have to wait for is Jitsu and I can probably finish off the last 2 Fuerza-T figures (I'll have to get another Fisto, or a spare Clamp Champ though to do that).


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