Monday, 30 April 2012

#794 of Year 3 MotUC vs DCUC Battle Armor Faker vs Bizzaro

I'm gonna close off MotUC month with a DCUC vs MotUC 2-pack: Bizarro vs Faker.  This is my only MotUC purchase made on Evilbay, thanks to it not being available on MattyCollector.  And I'm glad that I got it!

The packaging is the usual mash-up of the two separate lines, with brand new artwork on the front and back.  I think the artwork here is better than the Merman and Stratos versions, and by quite a bit I would say.

The sides of the bubble has a cropped version of the artwork that appears on the back.. and twice ont eh front...

In place of the comic book on the card though, there's a poster of the artwork.  Boo.  I'd much rather have a comic book!

There's quite a number of pieces inside the box besides the two figures.  Bizarro comes with his necklace.  Faker with his changable armour plates and his sword.

I like bizarro's necklace.  For one, the chains are actually metal links.  The paintwork gives it a realistic look and overall, it's just like something Bizarro will wear.  The figure isn't a slouch either.  No siree. He has 8 packs (or is that 10?), really broad shoulders and looks way way exaggerated.  I like the holes inthe cape and the hulk-like sculpt of his face.

I like the contrast between Bizarro and Superman.  Sure, they could have made this a Superman repaint, but they didn't.

Faker is the first new variant in the MotUC line.  Underneath his Battle Armour, he's still the normal Faker with the tape deck tampographed on his chest.  His three chest plates are repaints of BA Skeletors, and they seem to be made from a softer and cheaper plastic than the Lord of Destruction's version.

I like the overall look of the figure.  I believe it was NoisyDvL from who recommended that Mattel do this repaint, and I'm sure glad they did.  I like the overall bulk of the figure thanks to the BA.  The figure still retains the blue skin with clashing orange armour look that's definitive of Faker which makes him what he is.

I have to say, I definitely prefer this repaint over Bone Face's purple and black.  In fact, I'd be hard pressed to say which version of MotUC Faker is my favourite now.  Decisions decisions...


  1. Sweet set! Am digging Battle Armor Faker and Bizzaro is actually not that bad looking either.

  2. Yup. Too bad it's a TRU SDCC exclusive :(


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