Sunday, 27 May 2012

#777 of Year 3 redux MotUC Sorceress

I know it's supposed to have been Mad Matty May, but I have been taking almost month off the blog for sanity reasons!  That doesn't mean I haven't been busy though.  I spent the first two weeks of the month customising the Sorceress based on her appearance in the Stench of Evil minicomic...

But I didn't just want to recolour her.  I also wanted to "fix" her.  And by "fix" I mean her wings.  Because with the current Mattel design, when her arms is brought forwards, the wings turn into trays... which is a really horrid design.

 So the first thing I had to do was to cut the wings from her shoulders and glue them back onto her forearms as shown in a design by the MotU-guru Emiliano (as shown above).  There's nothing I can do about the drums though - I'm not that great a customiser.

The other downside to SoE Sorceress - she's a lot more naked than the Filmation version.  Matching the fleshtone to her legs and face was difficult, and getting them to stay on her shoulder joints was almost impossible.

And there we go.  Stench of Evil Sorceress.  Her wings still work pretty well folding and unfolding like a fan.  The bonus here is that she doesn't look like a waitress when her arms are brought forwards.  And as for the drums?  Well, as I said, beyond my control...

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