Wednesday, 30 May 2012

#795 - #798 of Year 3 Lego 8831 Minifigures Aztec Warrior, Sea King, Viking Lady, Evil Knight

So I finally found Series 7 in the shops.  The first box I found had all the rares eliminated so I decided to pick up the Viking Woman and the Evil Knight.  The second box I came across surprisingly still had some of the rares.  I only wanted the Aztec Warrior and the Sea King... so here we go.

I have to say I was surprised when I felt the helmet through the packaging.  I couldn't believe that there was still an Aztec left in this box in a newly opened toy store 3 hours after a whole bunch of people have been through the box.  I picked it up and opened it immediately not believing that I actually got myself an Aztec.  Yay!  One down, one more to go.

The Sea King is an easy find thanks to his big tail.  Again, I was surprise that there was even one left in the box, but I got that anyways.  It's interesting that the crown and the hair is actually one piece.

The Viking Lady has the huge big skirt and the weird hair and helmet.  The Evil Knight has his shield and armour.  All very easy to find despite these being blind bags.

Tada.  These are my second Evil Knight and Viking Lady though.

And there's the weekend haul all together.  I still think Series 7 is the best Collectible Minifigures Series yet.

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