Saturday, 14 April 2012

#771 - #772 of Year 3 MotUC Demo-Man & Keldor

The introduction of Vikor into the line means that the introduction of Demo-Man, or concept Skeletor wasn't too far off.  Well, Vikor's toy representation was very true to the concept sketch of the character.  How does Demo-man fare?  And would whoever named Demo-man way back in the 80s knew that his name would be used 30 years down the line for a new character?

There's nothing special about Demo-man's packaging.  It's more or less the usual MotUC packaging.  I do like how the helmeted head is displayed and that both of his weapons are clearly shown in the bubble.

The bio on the back has a colourised version of the original sketch.  It looks good, and more sinister at the same time.

Demo-man comes with a scimitar, a morning-star mace, a helmeted head and Skeletor's head.  Wait, why is there a Skeletor head?  The figure looks good, the green is a bit bright, but that just makes him better in my book.  It has a nice wash to the green which really brings it out.  The sculpt of the armour is interesting and the choice of maroon-brown and silver does give it that barbarian look.  The sculpt doesn't deviate far from the usual MotUC norms which is good.  However, the face does deviate a bit from the concept sketch - it's not asymmetrical for one and two, it's a lot more fleshier than the sketch.  There's nothing wrong with that but it does seem less faithful to the sketch than needs be.

And the Skeletor head?  Well, it's a representation of the Skeletor head found in the minicomics or something.  It's slightly different from the usual toy head.  Since I don't have a spare Skeletor, I opened up a spare Keldor to plop the head on (notice the vial of acid?).  I removed the cape though (it's going on my toy Skeletor).

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