Wednesday, 18 April 2012

#776 - #777 of Year 3 MotUC Sorceress and Sorceress

One of the most anticipated figure in the MotUC line is the Sorceress of Grayskull.  Yes, they killed her off in the new millennium, but that's the non-Sorceress from Egypt.  The blue and orange version from the vintage cartoon though, is alive and well, at least in toy form.  I got two of her, because I wanted to customise the second one as a pink Sorceress as shown in the first minicomic I ever owned, The Stench of Evil.

There isn't anything special about Sorceress' packaging.  It's the standard  card and bubble.

The one thing that's different is that there's an inset on the side advertising that her wings display open.  The bio has her vintage cardback picture, but it's oddly cropped to removed her fingers, foot and left leg below the knee.

She  comes with her white staff.  However, instead of plain white, it's pearlised white.  That gives it a nice touch.  It's not gaudy with colours, but there's a lot of detail on the staff and it looks magnificient on close-up.

The Sorceress also comes with a four piece Zoar - Zoar herself, her armour, and the two piece stand.  There's nothing special about this as it's just a Screech repaint which in turn is a Zoar repaint that's included with Teela. 

The figure is sculpted very nicely with all sort of details on her wings and headress and skirt and boots.  The paints could have been a bit better as there were tiny splotches everywhere.  Her headdress also seems a bit high on her head though.

Her wings does raise up together with her arms when it's raised.  It doesn't always work, but that's more due to user error than toy design.  The odd part about the design is that it's attached to her shoulders, so that when her arms is brough forwards, the wings go underneah the arms, sorta like a tray.  Attaching the wings to the upper arms would have solved this problem.

As a figure, she's nice looking and goes well with the other figures in the line... when viewed from the front.  Because of her action features, she has these large "drums" attached to the shoulders that just look weird from the sides or back.

This Sorceress seems a lot more her own character than the previous two.  That's because she's more true to the Filmation cartoon version of her than the other two, although the vintage one has all orange on the front of the wings (which is more cartoon accurate) and that the wings don't actually move with the arms.

And the Zoar?  Well, it seems very much a miniature version of the vintage toy.  This is done so that it'd be to scale with the figures.  And MotUC Zoar repaints apparenlty are more colourful than the DCUC counterparts!

Overall, she's a nice figure.  Sure there are some flaws, but I think they can be overlooked.  I can finally have He-Man saying "Only 3 others share this secret"!


  1. Am a fan of the classic Green one myself. : )

  2. Geart shot of the birds! Boy have they repainted the heck out of it. Lol. Tanks for the tip on the wings and their "drums." It makes her look kinda like Buzz Off from the side. Heh. Cheers!

  3. I don't even have the green eagle that came with Beast Boy! If you do see that, do you think you could get it for me, SDB?


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