Wednesday 18 July 2012

#848 of Year 3 Lego 5884 Dino Raptor Chase

I usually open the sets from smallest to biggest, but in this case, I decided to mix things up a bit.  So, here's the biggest set of the three that I'm opening this week.

The main draw of this set for me is the Raptor.  The vehicle just seems a bit too gimmicky to me.  The box has the raptor front and centre - literally, and the back shows all the gimmicky features on the vehicle.

There are two baggies inside the box, an instruction book, a decal sheet and a bag with the raptor parts.  The decal seems boring and I hope it doesn't go over multiple bricks.

The raptor parts is more or less in the bag.  The only piece not in the bag is the mandible (or the jaw).

Baggie number 1 builds the figures...

... and contains the lower jaw of the raptor.  It also builds the ground base and the lower half of the vehicle.

Baggie number 2 completes the vehicle.  The vehicle is huge, over 8 studs wide and seems to be in the scale of a monster truck.  There's firing missiles and rubberised daggers and all sorts of goodies.  Oh, and who could resist making roadkill with those kills... particularly when there's a ferocious dinosaurs involved?

This theme is really rather well colour-coordinated, and everything just seems to fit in together.

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