Wednesday, 31 October 2012

#918 of Year 3 Lego 9468 Monster Fighers Vampire Castle

This is the largest normal set in the Monster Fighters theme, and it's the last set that I have.  Happy Halloween!

The box isn't as huge as I expect it to be, but it's still huge.  The picture of the castle doesn't even fit on the front of the box.  The back shows the interior of the castle and all the features in the set.

The box contains seven baggies and two roof pieces that aren't in any of the baggies.  It's good to see the decal sheet and the instructions protected by a card back.


The sticker sheet is mostly gitd wall decor, and I'm not sure I'll wanna add them.  The instruction book shows more of the picture from the front of the box.

Baggie number 1 has two smaller baggies that contain the weird batman torsos.

It also contains the cape and the net inside cardboard boxes.  The baggie builds 7 minifigs - count them, 7!

Baggie number 1 also builds the green vehicle with the firing net at the back of the vehicle.  It's a plain vehicle, but it works and it looks really good.

Baggie number 2 has some of the weirdest pieces including a toadstool that's actually built from two brick elements.

It also builds the first tower, which has a prison of some sort.  The tower looks rather nice from the outside, but it's a bit off on the inside as it seems to be just a collection of bricks.

Baggie number 3 builds the main gate.  I like the asymetrical conical parapets and the bat statue on top of the gate.

Baggie number 4 builds another tower.  It has a nice roof that reminds me of a witch's hat though.  The mini towers of different heights are another nice touch.

Baggie number 5 builds the lower level of the main building.  It has a stairway leading up to the first floor.

Baggie number 6 has all the good stuff including a nice bed.

It also has a very unique bookshelf.

It completes two more levels of the main building.  The stairway is also unique in the sense that it can transform into a barricade to the main door and when swung out, it separates the bedroom from the other areas.

Baggie number 7 builds this very interesting pipe organ...

... and the central tower with all the moonstones.  The final set stands more than two feet tall and looks interesting.  It has quite a lot of play features and seems really great as a set.  The design is nice as a whole and it does really have that creepy look to it as well.

And there we have it, Monsters vs Monster Fighters!  Happy Halloween everyone.

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