Thursday, 18 October 2012

#900 - #908 of Year 3 Lego 8909 Minifigures Team GB

Lego decided to celebrate the Olympics in London this year with an exclusive series of minifigs popularly known as Team GB.  It was a pain getting these figures, but thanks to Nick and Yumni, I finally got them.

The packaging is reminiscent of the usual Collectible Minifigures packaging, but in this case, they have the British Lion and the Olympic rings on them.  It seems that each figure has a gold medal too.

Judo lady seems boring - she's mainly reused parts with special printed torso and legs.

Tennis player has a nice smile, but adds nothing much to the line in terms of new parts.

The gymnast does have a bench of some sort and despite it being plain, it is the only figure that offers something extra.

The Relay runner has weird hair which makes him funky, and he does look interesting, but also has nothing in terms of new parts.

The look of the swimmer is interesting.  They could have given him an extra hairpiece though.

I like the one gloved hand of the archer, and his Superman curl and the cheeky wink doesn't cost him points either.

This is my first boxer, and it's interesting to find that the gloves are held in place and do not fit over the normal hands.  I was hoping for a spare pair of hands though.

The equestrian is probably the most interesting figure, decked out in black and white and red.  It's a pity her cap is moulded to her hair though.

The weightlifter reminds me of the mayor of London for some weird reason.  That expression on his face doesn't though.

So that's 9 figures from the entire series of exclusive minifigures that was only available in the UK.

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