Saturday, 13 October 2012

#897 & #898 of Year 3 Trash Pack #3 and #4

And another two to open.  I think I cleared out my local toy store of their 12-packs!

Nothing major there that I haven't covered before.  However, it can be seen in the side by side pictures that the trashies are indeed different for the two that is revealed.  And that's another 24 trashies added to my pile.  I think other than the gitd trashie, the rest are pretty much unique.  The paintwork could be better, but since these are barely an inch tall, I'm not complaining much.  There's no articulation though, but that's no biggie as they are basically lumps of rubber.  The sheet with the games suggest using their rubbery properties for fun.  I seriously doubt I'll do that.

Remember the trash can that I started with?  I now I have enough little trash cans to fill it up... and then some.  Hooray.

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