Wednesday, 31 October 2012

#917 extra of Year 3 Lego 88000, 88002, 8884 RC Trains accessories

What to do when there are trains that are not motorised?  You (or in this case me) go get some motors from Lego online shop and hope you are good enough to install the motor...

I got three sets of these motors, including the battery box and the infrared receiver.

That's the infrared receiver

The battery box.

Rather few pieces, but they do have electronics.

The motor...

It comes with its own wheels and axels.

And it even does have its own electric cable.  Yay.

That's everything connected together.

And there's the video showing how I modified the Ghost train to go around bends.  It's still a bit raw, I need extra parts and I'll have to shop for more, but at least it now fits on the tracks.

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