Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#894 of Year 3 Trash Packs Trash Can

It's not everyday that I get an Australian toyline to write about.  Australia is known for Underroos and Crocodile Dundee, but toys?  Well, it is for this.

The Trash Pack is a blind bag series of toys, but they do have bigger accessories like this huge iron trash can.  It's shrinked wrapped which allows for the outside of the can to be visible.

The can is actually rather nicely painted and decorated with all sorts of icky designs.  Inside the can though, there's just this black plastic insert and two smaller trash cans.

The plastic inserts are great for storing the smaller trash cans which forms part of the blind bags.  It stores up to 18 of these smaller cans.

The two trash cans in this case is supposed to come with two exclusive trashies as they are called.  These are one piece rubberised designs with some paint slaped on them.  The moulds are icky and gory, but they are a great collection for those with OCD.  Well, that's two down and a few hundred more to go?  I don't think I'm gonna collect this toyline!


  1. If I was a kid again, I'd seriously collect the crap out of these things!

  2. But will you have the money to do so? That's the rub...


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