Wednesday 29 September 2010

#272 of 365 MotUC Chief Carnivus

It's Thundercat day!  Wait, that's not true.  Well, Mattel was asked whether they'd get the Thundercats license.  They didn't, but they decided to make this figure instead.  I have no idea whether it was sour grapes or in jest.

Carnivus comes on the standard MotUC package, and he's displayed int he bubble with his shield and sword displayed for all the see.  The back of the card has figures that PapaTaz still needs to get.  It's really not fair that Mattel won't ship to certain countries.  Another fail for making the toys as widely available as possible.  Who is Carnivus?  He's the leader of a race of feline people introduced in the MYP cartoon; a brand new creation without any ties to the past and he contrasts with his matty release er... mate, Gygor, who has such long ties to the past that nobody knew anything about.

Carnivus comes with his standard two accessories, or is it just two?  Actually, the cape is removable and so is the armour, so that's actually four pieces of accessories.  The figure is mostly the Beastman sculpt with  He-Ro's shin and a few new pieces including the head and loincloth.  The articulation is MotUC standard, but the hair hinders his neck articulation somewhat.  The paintwork, particularly on the bracelets could have been better, but this is still one of the better figures in terms of paint.

Carnivus comes with the Sword of Omens Saz, which with the huge red orb on the rain guard, that seems to scream "Hoooooooooo!" (and no, I'm not referring to Lemonjuice either).  There is a crick to the sword near the tip with the point being offset somewhat from the blade.  The paintwork on the sword is passable and it does match the armour on the figure, so it doesn't look out of place.  The (nameless) shield has an image from the central tower of Eternia emblazoned across it, which is a nice detail, but raises some questions as to why it should be there.  It clips on to the wrist and because of that is an immediate favourite of mine as it leaves the hands free.  It can move some, but is also very secure on the wrist.

And the hyper anime detail (Mattel should really trademark that phrase) on the figure's head?  Well, it's just the way his hair is sculpted, and is on par with figures such as Marzo (who has a straight sword instead of a bent sword, so take that which ever way you may).  Carnivus doesn't look too different from, say Randor or He-Ro, or humanoid figures like Merman or Stratos and fits in, in my view, with the rest of the line.  Now that we have the second member of the Eternian council, when will we ever get Lord Dactys or Queen Andreenid?  I wonder though if they will rename the Queen to a Lady or something...


  1. I kinda have began to sort-of-maybe like the guy. I didn't order him though. Nice review and pics by the way.

  2. Woo! I got a "honorable mention"! :)
    I kinda like him, looks like one of those "end of the line" toys, like the Horde or the Snakemen, like someone wiser than me (Poe?) mentioned before me.

  3. LOL, the 2 people with shoutouts replied to the post. @LJ: Your "sort-of-maybe" probably has more interest than my "meh". @Taz: I hope it doesn't mean the end of the line anytime soon...

  4. I wasn't feeling this figure at first, but once again, once I had him in hand I really like him.

    I agree with you Novelty. He fits in fine with every other character in the line.

  5. I love him. He was awesome in the cartoon, but needed more screentime...and to fight alongside the Masters instead of just trying to snake-cat bite/scratch Teela. lol

    I bought two of him and plan on repainting the one to look like my cat. He goes by four names: Fluffy, Fluffers, Mr. Kitty or, his more proper name, Mr. Fluffy Kitty. Is my family crazy? Yes. lol Try telling real people your cat's name is Mr. Fluffy Kitty. lol

    I guess it's better than Mr. Fuzz. I loved him. My class DIED laughing when I came in late and had to explain I missed the bus because I was petting Mr. Fuzz. lol

    For cat names, nothing beats Thunderclaw! She was an awesome cat with a kick ass name! :D

  6. Eeewww... petting Mr. Fuzz. LOL.

    @Thrawn: He's a blank state to me at the moment. I don't like or dislike him, which is sad I think.
    @DS: I'd like to see photos of the repainted cat, and the real cat as well. As long as you don't show a picture of you petting Mr. Fuzz. LOL.

  7. Well, the MYP cartoon despite not giving him a lot of face time clearly established him as part of the old guard. Along with Man at Arms, Randor, Lord Dactus, Cerataus, Marzo, Keldor, etc. So I've got a pretty good idea of where he fits in. He's not a total blank slate to me, but he is obscure enough that you can fill him in anyway you want. That could be a good thing since he is a cool toy either way.

  8. No, he's not a total blank state, which is why I'm looking forward to more Eternian Council members, because I think they'd look great as a team on display.

  9. Can't say no to figures in cloaks!

  10. You'll go broke soon if you do that hock!


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