Monday 13 September 2010

#256 of 365 Dick Tracy Flattop

We continue with Dick Tracy week here on Super Screened September, and today I'm opening Flattop.

Flattop comes in the usual Dick Tracy card, and this is where it fails - he's a villian from the line, and he has an image of the good guy on the front of the card?  That's not a good thing.  The back of the card also follows the usual layout, with Flattop's personalised bio and comic on the right.

The character is nothing to write about.  He comes with the standard 7 points of articulation - neck, shoulder, wrists and hips.  The sculpting is intricate and includes a bow on his torso as well as his usual "flattop" hairstyle, from which he gets his name.  The paint is adequate - it highlights what needs highlighting, but thanks to the use of primary colours, it feels as if he was done by some elementary grade kid.

Flattop comes with a 30's style machine gun, a whip and a bullet clip belt.  I guess they were going for the subliminal S&M influences here with this figure with those accessories.  And flattop also has an unflattering other meaning as well...


  1. LOL! Why the hell does he have a whip?! I don't remember that in the movie, maybe it's a comics reference.

    I remember these being very popular when the debuted. I always wanted one of the vehicles, but never got one. I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews on this line.

  2. Well, this is only figure 3 of 12. Tomorrow, it's KBH's turn to host a review.

  3. Flattop was one of my favorites. His weirdness just seemed to mesh well wit the TMNT figs.

  4. The whole line mesh well with the TMNT figs!


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