Friday 20 April 2012

#780 - #781 of Year 3 MotUC Fisto and Fisto

Fisto is one of those characters who gained more prominence in the MYP cartoon.  And he also had a look that was similar yet different from the vintage figure in that cartoon.  Mattel decided to pack both looks into the figure and I was glad that I got two of these figures.

There's nothing special about the packaging.  And the way that it's packed, one can't even see that there's a second head and belt by looking at the bubble.  This would have been an epic fail if this figure was on the pegs, but since it's being sold exclusively online, it doesn't really matter.

Fisto comes with two swords - one based on his vintage figure, the other based on his MYP look.  He also comes with the MYP head and belt, but more on that later.  Both the swords have great detail and the paint on them is nicely done.  The metallic purple shines on the crosspieces of both swords.  I also like that the MYP sword has a fist sculpted at the end of the hilt.

The figure has the standard MotUC body with his right hand replaced, of course.  This is Fisto after all.  The fist looks good and has some detail in the sculpt.  Swap out out head and place on the belt and it's almost as if this is a different figure.  Change out the sword and the new Fisto looks super hyper anime thanks to the oversized sword.  I like that look as well.

Surprisingly, the figures are comparable to the vintage and 200x counterparts - there is a resemblence to both figures.  Mattel really catered to both crowds by giving us this one figure that can be swapped to look like either one of his previous counterparts!

Fisto fits in well with the rest of the line as well - here he is next to his brother (according to the MYP cartoon).  And that's one step closer for us to get all the vintage figures in Classics!

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