Monday, 19 December 2011

#718 of Year 2 Lego 7633 City Construction Site

There seems to be a trifecta of Lego City sets these days - Police, Fire and Construction.  Sprinkle in Trains, Planes, Harbour and Space every now and then and the theme seems complete.  Almost.  I'm not a huge fan of construction sets, but wait, Lego was actually smart enough to actually throw in a four storey building in this set, which is why I got it, of course.

The usual city box, blue border, blah blah... well, nothing new there.  I like how the picture extends out of the front of the box and to the top of the box though, but even then, it could probably stretch longer.

The back shows the feaures in the set including a rather ingenious lift, and the modular nature of the building, which is stackable with quite a number of other sets as well.  Lego has finally learnt its modular lesson!

There are baggies inside the box numbered 1 to 9.  Yes, 9.  There's the decal sheet, four instructions booklets, and three big pieces that's not contained in the baggies.

There's also an extra baggie that's unnumbered.

Instruction book number 1 goes with baggie number 1...

... and builds a worker and a backhoe.  There is nothing special about the vehicle, but it does stand alone very well on its own.  Lego should have made this a separate set altogether.

Instructions booklet number 2 goes with baggies 2 and 3.

Baggie 2 builds the truck driver and the cab.

Baggie 3 builds the trailer.

I like the design of hte trailer.  Thanks to the use of a train piece, I won't be surprised if it could carry a train container.  The backhoe fits well onto the truck here.


Baggie number 4 goes with Instruction booklet number 3 and builds the lift thing.  It looks boring at first glance, but the use of friction (thanks to Lego's micrometer accuracy) to hold up the lift platform is ingenious.

Booklet number 3 also has instructions for Baggie number 5 to build the first two storeys of the building...

... and baggie number 6 to complete the top two storeys of the building.

The building is unfurnished, except for the flowers on the window sill.  I couldn't help but modify the flowers a bit with a few extra pieces I have lying around.  I like the modularity of the building, and it allows the building to be stacked up with the addition of modules from other sets.

Instruction booklet number 4 is for baggies number 7, 8 and 9.  Baggie number 7 builds the lower half of the crane and the driver.

Baggie number 8 the cab and the swivel platform.

Baggie number 9 completes the crane with the crane itself.  Despite my non-like of construction vehicles, this is a very nice crane and it's huge.  The crane bit is telescopic and extends to double its length.  The design of the vehicle is solid and I had fun playing with this crane.


Overall, this is a nice set.  It's big though.  I think the set could be split into three, four or five smaller individual sets and it would still be in demand.  This huge set probably tanked quite a bit due to the high price point.  It's a nice set though and it does give not just the construction elements but also a nice new building that would go great in my residential city layout!

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