Wednesday, 19 September 2012

#890 of Year 3 Lego 8214 Racers Lamboghini Polizia

I'm not a huge fan of the Racers theme, but I do like the Lamboghinis that have come out from the theme.  Of course, that's a licensed property, but their cars are huge and the first version was a nice yellow convertible.  So I was hoping that this version would be as awesome.

The box is nice.  The front has that Italian look and feel and the back just looks like a glossy car magazine.  Lovely.

There are 2 instruction booklets and 7 baggies marked 1 to 4.  This would be an easy build then.

Baggie number 1, of which there is only 1 builds the floor of the car and a bit of the back.

The two baggies numbered 2 completes the back.

I like the look of the rear of the car - nice use of decals there.  The engine also looks great thanks to the decals.

The two baggies numbered 3 builds the passenger compartment and the front of the car.

The dark blue bricks builds up the bucket seats, and the headlights look awesome.

The final two baggies numbered 4 finishes the car.  It looks cool, and sleek and it's blue.  I didn't apply the police labels because I don't really want it to be a police car.

I do like the Lamboghini logo on the front.

And the overall design of the back.  Sadly, it's not a convertible...

The rear opens up to reveal the engine.  The doors open as well on both sides.

Despite the absense of glass, the windscreen still looks great, and it's actually more sturdier this time around.

The hood of the car pops up as well to reveal generous storage space.  Overall, despite looking the same as the yellow version of the car, there are minor differences and one major difference - this vehicle is not a convertible.  I'm a bit disappointed by that last fact, but oh well, at least it's something different.  Now I'm hoping for a bley version of the car.

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