Monday, 24 September 2012

#891 and #892 of Year 3 Hot Wheels Eternia and Panthor

From a Lamboghini to a truck and a pick-up?  Yup, I got two MotU vehicles the other day, so here they are!

The packaging isn't much different from the previous three that I got.  I still like that there is a He-Man on Battle Cat for the good guys and Skeletor on Panthor for the bad guys, and if you put them together, it's like they are fighting each other.  The bad is that the box at the back is way too wordy, but that's the norm for a Hot Wheel.

The Eternia truck is white and red with the Eternia poster on both sides of the truck.  The image is nice and clear, but it's a bit too small.

It's also slightly larger than the Battle Cat van, which I guess makes it in scale.

The Skeletor on Panthor Pick-up truck is nicely painted in Skeletor's colours of blue and purple.  The picture on the doors of the cab seems a bit red to me though.

And that's my MotU Hot Wheels collection.  There are a few more that I didn't bother picking up, but then I'm not a Hot Wheels collector...

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