Saturday, 8 September 2012

#879a of Year 3 Lego 8684 Minifigures Spartan Warrior

I have been hunting for this figure high and low, and it has been no secret.  So imagine my surprise when this dude that I know gave it to me... for free!

OK, so the stand is missing, but this is still a good figure without the stand.  The stand I can get anywhere.  This, not so much.

Wow, it looks great!  It has a cloth cape, but the helmet looks good.  The buckler and the spear has been reused down the line, but the overall look of the figure just gives that heroic vibe.  Yay, I'm so glad that I got this.


  1. Nice! ,,,I dig the Sombrero-wearing maracas player as well

  2. He's Series 2 as well. They called him Mexican, then changed it to Mariachi because Mexican was too ethnic... go figure.


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