Monday, 10 September 2012

#880 of Year 3 Lego 9481 Cars Jeff Gorvette

I was a bit estatic when I saw that we were getting more cars.  I was less estatic though, when I found out that three of the four were variations of what we already have.  The fourth though was someone (or some car?) that we've not had before in Lego form, Mr. Jeff Gorvette.

Jeff comes int he regular figure box.  Picture of him on the front, and the pictures of the bricks in the back.  I guess Lego had to put pictures of bricks on the back to prove that it's not just a one-piece car or something.

Since there are no minifigs in this box, they used a wheel instead for the picture on the top of the box.  The box contains two baggies and an instruction booklet.

The build was simple.  The set comes with a traffic light and part of the red-and-white curb.  Jeff looks pretty much like much of the cars gang, except that he's yellow.  It's a nice little set.

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