Thursday 1 November 2012

Lego Classic Space Minifig Keychain with Light

I was walking past TRU the other day and I saw these.  Being a huge Space fan, if not the hugest (is that even a word?) fan in Erehwon, I picked up three of these babies, one of each of the three colours that I saw.

It's not a Lego product, it's a Lego licensed product and therefore, it's not Lego compatible or Lego quality, but it's hard to tell that by looking at it.

The keychain is twice as big as a normal spaceman, and that's evident from the photos.  The button is actually on his chest and the LED lights are hidden inside his legs.  What I do like about the design is that the spaceman has the vintage old school helmet with the squarish cutout instead of the new design with the oval cutout.  Also, the logo on his chest is just classic win.  I do like these keychains very much.  I'm not sure I'd  want to actually use them!


  1. I Can't find these anywhere! Are they still available at your local TRU?

    1. I think they are. At least the red one is. The other two, I'm not so sure.

    2. In what, err, city is it located? Maybe I need to make a road trip.


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