Monday 20 August 2012

#860 of Year 3 DCUC Starman

This was the reason why I picked up the DCUC Club Infinite Earth subscription for this year.  Legion of Superhero Starman!

The front of the box seems to be the usual CIE box, but it does show off the extra unmasked head.  That's just awesome.  I was just reading about Thom in L#12 just this week and it features him unmasked.  The back of the box has a rather dramatic image of Thom and a short bio.

The figure is basically a repaint with two new heads.  I like the sparkly body, but it doesn't show up that great in the photos.  The unmasked head seems a bit plain - Thom's beard has always been shown to be unruly.

The masked head fits in rather well with the rest of the JSA'ers though.  Now I wish I bought two - one to display with the JSA, and another one to display with the Legion.


  1. I rather like the packaging for this figure.

  2. Heh, masked Starman always looks nice when drawn...

  3. When they announced this figure I thought he'd be going straight to eBay once he arrived, but I ended up liking him a lot and he looks great in my JSA display! I don't like the unmasked head, though, it looks just like someone I used to know... A bad someone...

  4. The unmasked head needs to go with Dreamy. Otherwise, the masked head with the JSA. Is there a display to view yet?


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