Saturday 6 August 2011

#581 of Year 2 MotUC Battleground Teela

Well, since I'm on a MotUC roll, I might as well continue with it this week... and it's golden bikini blonde Teela aka Battleground Teela.  Is it me or is Mattel throwing the word Battleground as a prefix on almost everything these days?

The packaging is standard.  However, since this version of Teela did not have a toy in the vintage line, she's represented on her bio with the image of her from the minicomic where she was first introduced to the world.

Battleground Teela is mostly a repainted Teela, but has a new groin piece and a new torso piece in addition to the new head.  Her ab crunch is gone, but she now has a twist waist.  Her bra is removable, although that's a bit pervy to do so.  Like her "friend" Barbie, she's not anatomically correct under there.

The paint work is good, but I've got issues with the head sculpt, or to be more particular, the hair.  Not only does it hinders her neck articulation, it pushes her head forwards and down such that she's always looking down.  It's annoying.

She comes with a brand new sword and a brand new pistol.  The pistol that came with her is a bit bent from being warped by the rubber band inside the bubble.  It does have a lot of sculpted detail though.

Overall, despite the reuse of limbs from Teela, she looks completely different from her namesake.  It's almost as if she's a completely different character and I think that's the way I'll treat her in my display.

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