Saturday 10 July 2010

#191 of 365 Lego 7789 Toy Story 3 Lotso's Dump Truck

Well, since I'm on a Toy Story roll, I thought I should go along with that.  Now, this isn't all the Toy Story stuff that I bought, no siree, but this is one that I can't hold off opening!  Welcome to Jambalaya July!

Lotso is the main villian of the third movie, and he moves around on a dump truck as he walks with a cane and a limp.  This set also includes two of his henchmen, the Octopus dude, whatever his name is, and Chunk, the rock monster figure.

And that's the Toy Story 3 box, which is mostly white, with the toy shown in a window.  The characters in the set are prominently shown on the box on both the front and the back and the top.  The back even shows action feature pictures, not usually the norm for Lego, but since it is the norm for action figures, I guess Lego decided to incorporate it.  It shows that Lego is adapting to the toy collector market instead of just pandering to little kids these days.

There are two baggies in the set, and another one holding the main parts to the main characters.  As is usual, the big piece is not bagged.  the instruction booklet reproduces the look of the box, and there is nothing unusual about it.

The bright figures are definitely interesting, and were easy to put together.  This is Lego after all, a construction toy, and they have taken the time to create mostly unique pieces for these three toy story characters.  The Octopus' arms are made from a rubbery plastic, but is not bendable.  That is an interesting choice of material.  They even gave Lotso an accessory - a long stick, probably to represent his cane.  It's the little details like this that makes Lego Toy story sets stand out.

The build for the truck is relatively straight forward.  The technic parts are cleverly hidden away within the vehicle, and so is the driver!

Yes, Lego hid a 4th minifig within the truck.  This one though is made of normal parts, but has a flesh-toned face instead of Lego's usual yellow smiley-face.  The overall result is a fun set with great characters and a rather playable truck - a truck that can be customised and modified since it's constructed of bricks.

The Lego minifigs are about an inch to two inches tall, which is slightly smaller than Buzz from yesterday.  Nevertheless, that Buzz doesn't look too out of place next to these guys.  I know Lotso is supposed to be much bigger than Buzz in reality so the scale is a bit off, but the Lego minifigs wasn't designed with the Mattel toys in mind.

Overall, this is a nice little set that's not only compatible with the Toy Story stuff, but may be used through Lego's other themes!  I'm happy that Lego did not decide to include a Hero vs Villain theme (as they did with Batman or Agents or most of the adventure sets from the past few years), and just gave us this plain ol' baddies set, which in itself is great.  IMO, this set doesn't need to get diluted by the like of Buzz or Woody!  So 2 sets out of 2 so far that I've liked, but then this was the theme I've been looking forward to all year from Lego.

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