Saturday, 24 November 2012

#935 of Year 3 DCUC Mirror Master

Now this is more like it, a Flash rogue.  Mirror Master is one of those villians that I'm familiar with and I think is interesting.  Well, I think most of the Flash rogues are interesting.

The box has the usual goodies, but thanks to the awesome image, it's pure eye candy.  I like how the accessories are packed as well - they are clearly visible!

Mirror master comes with two guns... and two different kinds of muzzles, at least I think that's what they are called.  There's the rectangular muzzles and the petal muzzles which can be easily changed by pulling them out and plugging in the other type.

His sculpt is basic, but the addition of the belt and the scarf around his neck gives him a very unique look.  His face sculpt looks great too despite the presence of the hooded mask.  Now I definitely want to complete the Rogues Gallery...


  1. MM was actually the last DCUC figure I purchased and he turned out great! I need to work him into a display soon.

  2. He along with Ivy and Jay are in my top 3 DCUC of the year. I like him despite his boring colours.


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