Monday, 5 November 2012

#925 of Year 3 MotUC Frosta

We finally get our first indivually packed Princess of Power MotUC figure that's not a version of She-Ra.  Yay!  Frosta starts off the week of MotUC goodness.

The packaging is exactly as we expect it.  There's the Princess of Power sticker on the bubble.  The card back has her vintage image in the bio shield and shows off all the Princess of Power characters to date.

My figure was broken out of the bubble.  Boo.  But it's easily fixable anyways.  Frosta comes with a repainted She-Ra shield and her huge pinwheel wand.  The figure looks like her cartoon counterpart.  Her face sculpt could be better, but then again, we all have romantic pictures of a softer her being with He-Man.  The whites on her costume are grey instead of white.  I have no idea why Mattel went with that decision, but I don't think a pure white would work.  Perhaps a very light grey might have been better.

She does fit in well with She-Ra and the rest of the gang though, few as it is at the moment.  Hopefully we will get Glimmer and Angella soon.

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