Friday, 9 November 2012

#930 of Year 3 MotUC Rattlor (Horde)

Wait, didn't I just opened him yesterday?  I sure did.  Yes, I got a third Rattlor to display with the Horde army.  Paint me crazy.

Rattlor was the first Snakemen I got as a kid and that image on him on the cardback has always been interesting to me.  Well, I'm glad Mattel reused most of it on his bio.

Horde Rattlor basically just have the Horde armband.  Rattlor was working for the Horde in the She-Ra cartoons.  And since I had three of him, I had a blast putting the three neck extension pieces on him just for laughs.  Note that even with 3 neck extensions, it's not as long as Mekaneck's long neck extension.

And there we have Horde Rattlor with the Horde army.  He does tower over most of the figures in my display though.

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