Tuesday, 6 November 2012

#926 of Year 3 MotUC Sir Laser-Lot

Sir Laser-Lot is a character created by Geoff Johns of DC comics.  I have no idea why he was invited to create a MotUC character, but oh well, now we have this character in the mythos as well.

The packaging is what we would expect of it.  Apparently it's a Powers of Grayskull character as it has that sticker on the front.  It also has a starburst to state that it is created by Geoff Johns.  Okay...

He does come with a translucent blue shield that I really like, a mace with a translucent red business end and a sword with a translucent red blade.  The trans red just make the whole thing look like gumdrops or something, as if it's a huge joke.

The character is mostly red and blue.  He does look a bit weird, but I can see him in the MotU universe more than Spector.  He's not really my favourite character this year, but he's in the mythos anyways, so I guess I'll have to grudgingly accept him.


  1. I sort of like him and the Mighty Spector they both look great together i think.

  2. Well, they are supposed lovers. That's why Spector has SEX in eternian on his hand.


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