Wednesday, 29 February 2012

#752 of Year 3 Strawberry Shortcake Fresh Fashions Botique

It's the last day of February.  It's also a leap year and we do have a 29th today.  Yay.  I'll just end Female Fabruary with a playset from Strawberry Shortcake, the Fresh Fashions Boutique.

The box is huge, yet it looks pretty much like most of the other boxes.  Thanks to its large size, the back is really really empty though.  The front has a window cut-out to enable potential buyers to test the rotating table in front of the mirror, and there's even a paper cutout figure standing there.

There's the playset, of course, and the figure with her dress and an alternate dress.  Then there's the pet pink pussy, whatever her name is.  However, as this is a clothing store, there's 3 scarves, four hats, two handbags, and 3 head-only mannequins.

The playset has a hinged door and fence.  It could be configured a number of ways to display the playset.

There are shelves inside the playset to display all the goods.  The upper story has a transparent leaf motif on the floor.

The main feature is the mirror and the turntable.  The mirror has a reflective foil sticker which looks really nice.  The turn table has a peg to plug the figures into place, and a dial at the base that rotates the turntable.  It's a simple but neat feature.

The figure is a basic repaint, so there's nothing new there.  She also fits in withe the rest of her gang.  I can see why little girls would like the toys here.  They sure look great en masse!

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