Saturday, 25 February 2012

#748 of Year 3 Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Celebration

I'm closing off Female February with the stuff that finds its way into my shopping basket.  Okay, okay, I have a thing for Strawberries.  I just like the taste of them, licking them, savouring them - it's just heavenly.  Where was I again?  Oh yes, the new Strawberry Shortcake line has been going since Hasbro got the rights to them and although they started with rooted hair, more and more of the figures are getting sculpted hair... including the only minority figure in the current franchise: Orange Blossom.

Orange Blossom is supposedly the baker, so it's a no brainer that she's in a box that's titled Cookie Celebration.  The box has a clear window in the front to advertise all the contents.  It's yellow and cute and colourful.  The back has all the usual things, but it seems a bit blank to me.

The box contains two dolls and nine accessories.  Yes, I counted correctly.  Nine - the dresses are removable and interchangable.  The figures have the standard 5 points of articulation - neck, shoulders and hips.  They are painted with a different outfit underneath the dresses, so there's no issue about female nudity here.  Strawberry also comes complete with her oversized hat, which doesn't fit very well over her head.  It also makes her top heavy and she can barely stand with it on.

Despite not having rooted, hair, the figures still go very well with the rooted-hair figures, which is good.  What I do like about this though is the amount of detail on everything, from the patterns on the dresses right to the strawberries as decals on the bowl and as cookies on the trays and platters.  The paintwork isn't too bad for something this small and delicate either.  It does look good.  Now why can't toys that target boys have such great detail?

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