Monday, 13 February 2012

#746 of Year 3 Lego 3933 Friends Olivia's Invention Workshop

Another day, another Friends set for Female February.  It's Olivia's turn today, and she's one of the more non-traditional female set as this features a workshop and a lab of sorts.  I do applaud Lego for going this route, but could this be the "token" non-female job/role?  Well, I'm going to put philosophy aside and just focus on the toy.

The box is purple with pink highlights.  I like how the picture on the front shows everything neatly arranged in a large room.  The back shows the action features, not that there are a lot of them.

The box contains an instruction booklet and two baggies.

The femifig (female minifig?) is basically a repaint of Stephanie from yesterday, but has a different hairpiece.

There are five items in the set besides the femifig, and the build wasn't too difficult.  My favourite part of the bits is the tiny robot thingie.

The other four bits includes a blackboard complete with flowers and hearts drawn on the board, a microscope and stool, a work table with a whole bunch of tools, and a shelf of liquids.

Well, I'm using these for the modular houses!  The blackboard, microscope and shelves fit nicely into the space above my bakery.  There's even a female minifig in the set to act as my lab technician!

The workbench and the robot goes nicely into the room being painted on the first storey of the apartment building next to the Pet Shop.  The painter makes a handy handyman, the sheet of paint becomes a nice board and the roller paintbrush a good roller broom.  These friends sets are great... but as interior filling for the Modular houses.

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