Sunday, 28 November 2010

Spy Monkey Creations Poe Ghostal exclusives

First off,I have a winner to announce.  Yes, the results of the Dreaded Contest is in, and the winner gets one of these, of course:

If there was a prize for the most number of tickets, Darkspectre would have won that hands down.  He had more than a quarter of the tickets going into the draw.  What I did was write each ticket onto a piece of paper, then threw them all into a paper bag.  I had to write Darkspectre's name 61 times on 61 slips of paper.  That was ... tedious.  I seriously though that Darkspecter would take home the axe...

But sometimes life is funny.  I guess the luck of the draw does exist.  The name I pulled out of the hat wasn't Darkspectres, but 3B's.  Congrats 3B.  You take home a dread axe... now I just have to arrange for Poe to send out the prize.

In other news, Poe had 25 new exclusive  SMC Swoard of Ages for sale on his site... and it has sold out already.   Never fear, another batch is going to be made and sold soonish.


  1. My regards to Darkspectre, but I'm very happy I won!

    I promise to prompty bury the axe into a MotUC figure's face as soon as it arrives and photograph the entire event.

    Thanks, Novelty!

  2. Thank you for participating, and thanks everyone else for joining in on the fun. It was fun to have the contest.

  3. And it will continue to be fun here even without a contest!

  4. Well, for the next 33 toys or so. I haven't decided what I'll do next year. Maybe it'll be Toy a month ;)

  5. Congrats 3B! I just noticed this! lol

  6. You know, I need to spell your name properly DS... but I'm too used to British spellings to change...

  7. You spelled it both ways in your post. lol Also, I'm Canadian so we spell everything the British way! My name "Darkspecter" is from the villain from Power Rangers who controlled all the other villains. I SWEAR his name was originally spelled "er" and later on they changed it to the proper "re" so...there's the story behind my name and why nobody gets it. lol


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