Tuesday, 30 October 2012

#917 of Year 3 Lego 9467 Monster Fighters The Ghost Train

It's a week since I started the Monster Fighters countdown to Halloween, and tomorrow is the scary day.  While waiting for it, here's my favourite set from the theme, the Ghost Train!

The box is big.  The front shows off the flying ghosts and the plane, while the back seems to be a collection of boxes showing the action features.

There's quite a lot of gitd parts in this train, including the three ghosts.  Yay.

There are six baggies in the box - count them, six!  There's also two weird rubbery translucent snakey things that doesn't look like Lego in the box.

The instruction book is protected by a cardboard backing - yay!

Baggie number 1 builds the three ghosts, and the 2 adventureres.  The ghosts are all frowning, and have a tail on the head which reminds me of the KKK smock.  Hmm...

Baggie number 1 also builds part of the plane.  It includes a brick separator.  Wait?  What?  Brick separators are being included in sets these days?  Awesome.

Baggie number 2 and the translucent snakey things complete the jet.  It reminds me of a crop duster prop with the propeller and the barrel.  I wonder what is it supposed to spray.  It also has firing missiles for play value.  The design is okay, but the use of guns for the engine is a nice touch.

Baggie number 3 builds part of the engine...

The engine is completed with parts from Baggie number 4.  The design is nice - the wavey thing on the sides, the use of skeleton arms for the roof, the bell, the green flame, the smiley ghost face on the front all makes it looks excellent.  It's also very sturdy.  So sturdy in fact that it can't turn - it can only go straight.  Hmmm... it's not gonna go round the tracks in this configuration.

Baggie number 5...

... builds two carriages.  And by carriages, I mean individual ghost carriages.  The wings flaps when the carrages are rolled.  Check out those wheels... they definitely won't fit on the tracks.  Ouch.

Baggie number 6 builds the last carriage - the prison carriage.  It has boney spikes and skeleton arms everywhere.  The build was easy, but tedious thanks to all the small parts.  Oh and thanks to those wheels, it won't fit on the standard City train tracks.  Boo.

Overall, the train is nice - it's a solid vehicle that is constructed well with a number of features.  The sad thing though is that it doesn't fit on the City train tracks.

Oh well, at least it glows in the dark!  Yay!

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