Wednesday 26 January 2011

#391 of Year 2 Lego 7749 Star Wars Echo Base

There's been quite a bit of Star Wars this month, and I thought I'd continue with this.  Echo base was the site of the Battle of Hoth, whatever that is.  All I remember is Chewie fighting those huge AT-AT (or are they AT-STs?)  Well, playsets aren't that rare in the Lego Star Wars universe though, but they tend to be a bit... wanting, especially when compared with the vehicles.  So, with that in mind...

The box is the original trilogy box (and I'm getting better at determining the boxes now).  There's a photo of the set on the front, complete with fake explosions.  The back has insets showing the action features, which gives a reather good in depth look at the contents.

There are four baggies in the box, and the instruction book.  There's even a rather awesome poster in the instruction book, with a montage of the Lego ships.

There are five minifigs in the set; three rebels and two Snowtroopers.  Then there's one of those kangaroo beast thing, whatever they are called (yeah, you can tell I'm not a huge Star Wars fan).  [Edit: They are called a Tauntaun according to a comment!  Thanks BBQ17]

The build wasn't too difficult, but that's only because there isn't much to build.  The gun tower is probably the most detailed, but even that seems a bit cut down from what it could have been.  There are firing missiles on the tower, and a secret compartment there, so it's jammed packed with action features.  There's even a ledge on the base which when depresses causes the minifigs standing on it to fly up - again, not a feature I'm keen on using (I'd hate to chase those minifigs around my already crowded room), but I'm sure it's something little kids would like.

Then there's a huge gun thing for the snowtroopers.  That's nicely designed and well constructed and it even has an ingenious use of a whip piece.  However, it's not enough to save the entire set.  This could have been so much better, but Lego decided to throw a couple of bricks together with the 5 minifigs to call it a set.  That's a great pity.


  1. The kangaroo beast you refer to is called a Tauntaun.

  2. I agree with the "wantingness" of certain sets. Nowadays it's almost not worth it to get a set this size--it's way overpriced for a decent amount of minifigs with a few special bricks. I usually go for the minifigs mainly set (cheaper), or the bigger ones with vehicles/bases + minifigs, except those tend to be more costly.

    Oh and what you're remembering is Chewie fighting AT-STs from Return of the Jedi. This set captures the Imperial Attack on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. :)

  3. Last year, I passed on a lot of Star Wars sets that I would normally have picked up. I'm going to guess this year would be the same.


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