Friday, 23 March 2012

#757 of Year 3 Transformers Animated Activators Bandit Lockdown

So my Japanese import store had this figure sitting in the under $10 tray and since it was so lonely, I decided to pick it up.  I hope I don't regret it!

OK, so it's a bit weird as usual in that it has a sticker on the back obilirating most of the back of the card, but that's nothing new.  The bubble also has a foil sticker to prove that it's not a knock-off.

The instructions are in Chinese, but since it's mostly wordless anyways, it's not too difficult to decipher them.

Lockdown seems a bit short and stubby here.  The short part I can accept, since this is an Activator after all.  The stubby part though I have issues with - it's just poor design on Hasbro's part.  The colours seem all over the place with two different reds on the black and blue.  The original Lockdown greens and yellow on black seems so much better.

The transformation to vehicle mode wasn't too difficult, but things had to click properly because of the activators mechanism.  The reverse transformation didn't go all the way either - in fact, the legs and head and arms all have to be manually manipulated.  For an activator, it didn't really activate too much.

Still, the vehicle mode is nice - there's a nice airbrush effect on the front fenders and odd design patterns on most of the vehicle.  The Decepticon logo is tampographed to the back of the vehicle.  The look of hte vehicle seems lean and mean, and there's definitely a need for speed grand theft auto style.

Surprisingly I like the vehicle mode more than the robot mode.  Perhaps I'll let him join my MotUC hotwheels display...

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