Sunday, 5 January 2014

#942 of Year 4 Lego 76005 Superheroes Daily Bugle Showdown

It's gitd January, but I'll take a break over the weekend to post something that I opened last year while on a blogging break.  It's still Spiderman related though.  Lego came out with the Superheroes theme two years ago, and obviously Spidey was part of the Marvel section of it.

The daily bugle showdown features Spidey and Dr. Doom and a three-storey high Daily Bugle building.  The box shows that off to the fullest extent, and the action features of the built up set is shown on the back of the box.

There are five baggies in the box, and a few spare pieces.  There's a whole bunch of printed material, including three instruction booklets - count them 1, 2, 3; a decal sheet and a wordless minicomic.

Baggie number 1 builds Spidey and the grounf floor of the DB building.  The building is OK, but that lamp post is vintage noir chic.  Oh and there's also a trash container that doubles as a see-saw for launching Spidey.

Baggie number two builds the middle floor of the DB building.  There's a fire escape and a cobweb, but otherwise, it's pretty normal.

Baggie 3 builds the top floor or the DB building.  There's an exploding window and a few doodads on the roof including a trap door.

Baggie #4 and #5 builds Dr. Doom and his jet.

The jet is boxy and the design seems weird.  I though Dr. Doom was a rich ruler of someplace?  He could surely afford a better jet.

There's a few other figures in the set as well including JJ and Nova and those make the set playable.  Overall, the set is targetted for the ages stated on the box, and not so much an adult fan of Spidey or Lego in general.  It's still a nifty set for my Lego city though!  There are more photos of my Lego stuff on my Lego Facebook page if anyone's interested.

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